Owning a cat is an enjoyable thing. However, it comes with its own responsibilities. One of the most distasteful duties of pet parenthood is cleaning the cat’s litter box, yet it’s necessary. That’s why it’s the dream of every cat owner to get a system that can scoop itself.

Are automated litter boxes effective? Do they fulfill the claims of saving you some money and hassle? Self-cleaning boxes are more convenient for cat parents. Moreover, your pet becomes happier when the tray is always clean.

The automatic cat box is great for both the feline and the cat parent. Apart from giving you a break from scooping, your kitty will relish in a waste-free toilet, thanks to modern technology. Here are three major benefits that you can get from an automated cat box.

Top 3 Benefits of an Auto Cat Box

Benefits to Investing in an Automatic Cat Box

1. Reduces the Need for Scooping

Once you get an automatic litter box, there’s no need to scoop often. You can let the scooper rest for weeks and still have a cheerful cat. Leave the hard work to the device and live a stress-free life! The rake system simply detects when the cat uses the box and disposes the waste into a distinct, odor-controlled, and closed compartment.

Your only job is to empty the waste container on a regular basis and replace the tray liners of the special cat box after every one month. It gets even better to think that there are boxes at Petsho that can handle multi-cat households. If you want to reduce your cleaning time so you’re able to cuddle your feline more, then this is the way to go.

2. Encourages the Use of Litter Box

If you’ve got a finicky feline, then a clean litter box is of utmost importance as it can help prevent toileting problems. If your cat is often eliminating outside the tray, it could mean that the environment isn’t clean enough for use. Cats prefer using the bathroom elsewhere if their litter boxes have excess waste buildup that smells bad.

Fortunately, an automatic cat box offers the solution to this problem. With it, there are no worries about maintaining a pristine potty area. The litter box essentially keeps itself clean. However, this does not mean that all you do is to turn it on. It is necessary to do basic routine cleaning so your cat box can run effectively.

3. Effectively Controls Odor

An automatic cat box has an exceptional capability to control odors. Traditional boxes require you to scoop your cat’s waste and dispose of after it has stayed there for a while. This can lead to a build-up of odor, which is not only annoying but also embarrassing.

With self-cleaning systems, cleaning is right after your cat has used the bathroom. They also seal waste in separate, odor-neutralizing receptacles. That’s why an automatic litter box is a perfect addition to any home that has an automatic feeder and cat water fountain.


If you’re tired of dealing with your cat’s poop, the answer is in acquiring an automatic cat box. Aside from reducing cleaning time and the need for scooping, it encourages litter tray use and effectively controls odor. Purchase one today to start enjoying life as a cat owner.

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2018)

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