Your dog is what it eats. If your dog eats too many carbs it will eventually be obese and be at risk of contracting diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Similarly, if your dog doesn’t eat the right food, it will end up having skin problems. Despite knowing about all these consequences of not feeding our furry friends well, most people don’t care what their canine eats. All they want is to provide the meals that the dog needs to survive.

On the other hand, feeding your dog with the right food is very rewarding. For a start, eating well will extend his lifespan, meaning you will cuddle with him for many years. Below is a list of other benefits of proper feeding in dogs.

Benefits to Feeding Your Dog Healthy Food

1. Improved Immunity

Before you pour his meal in a bowl, you should first ask yourself whether the meal contains the nutrients that he really needs. The best dog food is one that contains carbs, proteins and fatty acids. Remember, a dog that eats well rarely gets sick. This is because its body is able to fight diseases. And even it gets sick once in a while, the dog will not be overwhelmed by the illness. In fact, the disease might go away on its own even before you visit your vet. You also feel safe when such a dog is playing with your kids because you are sure they can’t get a disease or pests by cuddling with it. Ideal dog food can be bought at On the other hand, a dog that is fed on a poor diet is a liability in waiting. This is because the dog is not able to resist even the mildest illnesses. You will therefore have to make frequent visits to the vet’s clinic so that he can be treated. Such visits sometimes cost an arm and a leg.

2. Enhanced Digestion

When your dog doesn’t eat healthy food, it’s bound to experience constipation. Carbohydrates in particular are very essential because they help breaking down the food once it’s in the stomach. If your dog eats a meal containing less carbs, it will not be able to utilize all the nutrients. This is due to the fact that digestion will happen partially, causing a large percentage of nutrients to be eliminated in form of waste. In addition to that, the dog will have a hard time in dropping its poop.

3. Healthy Skin and Coat

Some skin problems happen when your dog is not eating the right food. Such dogs tend to have rushes and an itchy skin. However, most people assume that such dogs are suffering from certain allergies. The skin is the largest part of the body, meaning it’s also the most vulnerable. In fact, the itching and rush is a clear indicator that the dog is lacking essential nutrients and minerals in its meals. A dull coat also suggests that the dog is not well nourished. As a matter of fact, you can’t have fun when cuddling such a dog due to excessive shedding of fur.

4. Strong Muscles and Consistent Development

A well nourished dog has strong muscles that enable him to walk for long distances. Besides that, he has enough energy to keep him going through the day. Such a dog tends to be more active when compared to one that is poorly fed. Moreover, proper feeding guarantees that your dog will grow consistently into adulthood without getting stunted.

Alayna Mayer Ph.D. has accrued more than ten years of professional veterinary experience. She emphasizes homeopathic care in her practice, but she makes all options known to her patients’ humans so that they can make well-informed decisions about their pets’ health. Email: [email protected]

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