The Top 3 Benefits to Buying a Breakaway Collar for Your Cat

Cats make great pets and we love to keep them indoors. We buy them cat beds including a luxury cat bed, cat bibs, cat mats and custom collars amongst other comfort items, all to make them feel comfortable.

However, it is in their nature to hunt and so it may be a bit of a challenge to keep them indoors. This is where a good collar comes in to play. And not just any collar, but a breakaway collar.

Cats are very flexible and they can go through even on small openings. They are also curious, climb trees and get into small places, all of which can lead to the collar getting stuck on something and the cat may end up dying. That is why they need breakaway collars that can unfasten when the cat pulls hard enough.

Here are the reasons why your cat needs breakaway collars.

The top 3 benefits to buying a breakaway collar for your cat


With a break-away collar, the cat is safe since if the cat gets entangled in something or the collar gets stuck it can unfasten such that the cat does not choke or get injured. The importance of a breakaway cat collar is that it unsnaps when it is pulled with force.

There have been instances of cats dying after hanging on a tree or fence while wearing an ordinary collar that cannot unbuckle under pressure. Therefore, no matter how enticing and fashionable a collar is, the first thing you should consider is the safety of your cat. Don’t go for a typical collar simply because it has a nice design or color; opt for a breakaway cat collar that will protect your cat in case it gets stuck.

Therefore, when buying a collar for your cat, make sure that the buckle can release in case the cat is caught. Also, you don’t want your cat to choke so ensure the collar is adjustable such that it is not too tight or too loose around the cat’s neck.

2.Include an ID tag

The breakaway cat collar can be a form of identification for your cat so that it can find its way home when it gets lost.

It can be a painful experience of losing your pet. To prevent it, you can attach an ID tag with your contact information in the collar in case the cat gets lost.

3.Your feline can explore

Cats are active by nature and they love to explore. If your cat is wearing a breakaway collar, you can be more at ease knowing that it is safe and you can allow it to venture out and explore. Even if the cat loses the collar, it is much easier to replace it than to treat an injured cat or even lose your pet.

In case you don’t find a breakaway cat collar that is suitable for your pet, you can always go for custom cat collars where you make the adjustments to meets you desire. For instance, you can include a cat bow tie on the collar to make your cat look presentable especially if you are going out for dinner or outdoors. There are plenty of options when it comes to breakaway bow tie collars for cats such that you can have each made to suit every occasion.

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

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