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4 Benefits of Potty Training With Puppy Pads

benefits of Potty training with puppy pads

Potty training can be quite troublesome especially if you are giving it for the first time. There’s nothing better than having a little pup in the house, but it is equally important to discipline him/her to stay smartly within the four walls of the house. Potty training isn’t as tough as it sounds, but you […]

6 Reasons to Use CBD Infused Dog Paw Balm

Use CBD Infused Dog Paw Balm

Humans have shoes and socks to protect their feet, but what protects our dog’s feet? With all the running, jumping, and playing, paws can get a beating, which is why they require special attention from every pet parent. While dog paws are generally not given much consideration, taking care of them is an essential part […]