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4 Benefits to Feeding Your Dog Healthy Food

Benefits to Feeding Your Dog Healthy Food

Your dog is what it eats. If your dog eats too many carbs it will eventually be obese and be at risk of contracting diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Similarly, if your dog doesn’t eat the right food, it will end up having skin problems. Despite knowing about all these consequences of not feeding our […]

4 Benefits to Grooming your Pet Regularly

Benefits to Grooming your Pet

Quick Navigation Top 4 Pet Grooming Benefits1.Controlled Shedding2.Appearance3.Fresh Smelling4.Nail Trimming Dog grooming is necessary and should not be assumed to be luxurious. You do not have to spend a lot of money because grooming a dog can be very affordable. Its value is that the dog will have a healthier lifestyle and who does not […]

Amazing and Innovative Tech Options for your Pet Dog

Amazing and Innovative Tech Options for your Pet Dog

The tech industry has progressed immensely in the past decades such that there are some amazing tech options and applications available for your beloved dogs. These incredible tech options are intended to help the people to play, feed and communicate with the pet dogs better.As indicated by the American Pet Products Association, in the year 2017, […]

5 Tips on How to Treat Your Dog’s Hot Spot

How to Treat Your Dog's Hot Spot

Hot spots or acute moist dermatitis is an immune-mediated response of the skin. Hot spots appear suddenly with no warning. If untreated, they can spread very fast. An allergic reaction, bug bite, poor grooming or underlying disease causes hot spots. They can also be caused by boredom or stress.The infected skin can become painful, red, […]