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Does Coffee Dehydrate the Body?

Does Coffee Dehydrate the Body

Quick Navigation#1 Why people think that coffee dehydrates?#2 What’s caffeine?#3 Is caffeine diuretic?#4 Can coffee cause dehydration?#5 Can you drink too much coffee?#6 Is coffee good for you?Can you guess the most popular beverage in the world? If you think coffee, you’re right. After all, who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee in the […]

Stay Hydrated: The Best Way to Rehydrate Quickly

Best Way to Rehydrate Quickly

Quick NavigationWhat do you need to stay hydrated?Now, let’s see how to stay hydrated.#1 Don’t believe the myths#2 Drink when you’re thirsty#3 Check your urine#4 Electrolytes are important for hydration#5 Sickness changes the body’s water needs#6 Drinking too much water might be dangerous#7 Don’t forget to drink waterIt seems strange that in a century where […]

10 Amazing Home Remedies for Ant Bites

10 Amazing Home Remedies for Ant Bites

An ant bite is not exactly a matter of life and death…at least not for most people. If you are allergic to ant bites, congratulations – you are a part of the “privileged” minority and your allergy is probably the reason you are reading this article. The itchiness that results from an ant bite can […]