Aesthetic Lasers Treat Many Skin & Aging Conditions

Aging is one of the many reasons that there are all sorts of skin treatment solutions available in the beauty and skincare industry. In addition, sunspots, pigmentation, lines, freckles, and wrinkles are other skin conditions that have prompted different treatments, including aesthetic lasers. Aesthetic lasers work by causing controlled injury to the skin. As a result, the healing process of the body takes place, and new collagen, which is responsible for a youthful look is formed. That is how aesthetic lasers work and the process is usually referred to as skin rejuvenation and resurfacing. 

Aesthetic Lasers

Types of Lasers

There are two major types of aesthetic lasers. First, there is the carbon dioxide laser which is a more aggressive type of laser. This type of laser causing major damage to the skin as it goes deep down into the layers of the skin. The end result is smooth skin with better tone and texture. The second type of laser is the YAG laser, which is a more gentle kind of laser when compared to the carbon dioxide one. Its treatment is more shallow as the beams of light only go shallow into the skin, causing less injuries. Multiple passes can be made to get the same improved results as with the carbon dioxide laser. 

Treatment Methods

Below are some of the most common types of cosmetic procedures done using the different lasers available in the market;

Ablative Treatment- This type of treatment uses fractional and carbon dioxide lasers. It works by destroying the skin on the upper surface and that below it to treat wrinkles and lines.

Mechanical Ablation- Also known as dermaplaning or dermabrasion, it is used to soften the skin surface and irregularities. 

Non-ablative Treatment- Can also be referred to as microdermabrasion, light acid peels, or microneedling. The deep layers of the skin are treated, but the upper skin surface is unaffected, and it is mainly used to treat discolorations and light scarring. 

Fractional and Non Fractional Treatment- While fractional treatment treats the skin in small channels, non fractional treatment causes damage to the skin altogether. So, fractional treatments cause lesser injuries and can be made using any kind of laser. 

Laser and Intense Pulse Light- This type of treatment is used to tighten sagging skin and discoloration.

Chemical Peels- It is used to treat the upper skin layer where acid peels are used to remove the dead outer layers. 

Pulsed and Continuous Energy- This may entail skin treatment through short outbursts or continuous pulses of light. 

Spider Vein Treatment- It is also known as sclerotherapy where injections are used to collapse the unpleasant veins on the surface of the skin.

Dermal Fillers- With this kind of treatment, injections are used to improve the contour of the skin. 

Botulinum Toxin Type A Treatments- It is used to relax wrinkles by blocking nerve contraction. 

Take Home…

Before undergoing any laser cosmetic procedure, make sure to consult a professional dermatologist or plastic surgeon. You will need advice on different methods and what will work best for your skin and condition. What’s more, the last thing you want is to experiment procedures on your skin without a definite insight on the final outcome.