At some point, most dog owners are bound to stumble upon CBD and discover a whole new approach to treating illnesses. Still, there are many misconceptions about the benefits of CBD for dogs.

We’ve come to love and cherish our four-legged buddies as family members. When they are hurting, we feel their pain deeply and commit ourselves to helping them recover.

Thus, if mainstream medicine fails to provide a cure, most people turn to alternative healing methods, such as using CBD. So, let’s look at seven things you probably didn’t know about cannabidiol and how it may help your pup.

#1 Fighting Cancer

Cancer is a devastating illness that affects humans and dogs alike. Still, treating cancer with CBD is often a touchy subject.

Numerous success stories talk about how some pet owners managed to cure their pups of cancer with CBD. Initial medical studies also seem to confirm that CBD may have positive effects during treatment.

In general, CBD should boost your dog’s immune system while it’s fighting the disease and alleviate some of its negative symptoms. Moreover, CBD may help slow down the spread of cancer. It has even been suggested that it can kill existing cancerous cells.

People also prefer to give their cancer-stricken dogs CBD because it’s less likely to make them feel sick or drowsy. In other words, CBD shouldn’t harm your dog’s overall well-being like standard cancer treatments most definitely would.

#2 Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety isn’t only a human emotion, as dogs can feel anxious too. However, they experience it more intensely.

Most often, dogs will get anxious while traveling or if their daily routine changes all of a sudden. Loud noises can also trigger anxiety in canines.

If your pup feels anxious or stressed for whatever reason, CBD might be able to help since it has soothing and calming properties. Additionally, given that it doesn’t contain THC, CBD should help your pup feel relaxed but not lethargic or intoxicated.

#3 Treating Skin Problems

Dogs with sensitive skin may greatly benefit from CBD oil as well. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, you can use CBD oil to treat your dog’s wounds or other skin conditions.

If the skin problem is localized, you can simply dilute some CBD oil in olive oil and apply the solution to the sensitive area. You can also mix some CBD oil into your dog’s shampoo to treat itchiness, rashes, or redness.

#4 Relieving Pain

People have been using CBD to treat chronic pain for ages. Numerous studies confirm that CBD does indeed have analgesic properties. Therefore, since all mammals have a similar endocannabinoid system, your dog can also benefit from those pain-relieving qualities.

If your dog suffers from joint or stomach pain, CBD may help. In fact, you could use it to treat different types of chronic pain and problems caused by inflammation.

#5 Curing Epilepsy and Seizures

Unfortunately, dogs are no strangers to common neurological disorders such as epilepsy. In fact, about 5% of the total dog population suffers from it.

Unfortunately, though standard medicine for treating seizures is effective, it might do more harm than good in the long run. Above all, it could damage your dog’s liver and other vital organs.

Yet, pet owners who’ve given their dogs CBD as medicine for epilepsy have reported fantastic results. On top of that, CBD doesn’t seem to cause any adverse effects during treatment.

#6 Increasing Appetite

There are many reasons some dogs have trouble eating or develop a sensitive stomach. Nausea and vomiting are common side effects of an upset stomach. As a result, your pup may lose weight or begin to experience other health issues because of that.

Luckily, CBD could help your dog maintain healthy eating habits because it may cause an increase in appetite. But be careful since an increased appetite may result in weight gain.

Similarly, if your dog has lost its appetite, CBD oil should be able to restore it. It may speed up the dog’s metabolism, which should make it feel hungry more often.

#7 CBD Is Non-Intoxicating

Last but not least, we should point out the intoxicating effects of CBD. Plain and simple — there aren’t any.

In a nutshell, CBD oil that your dog can consume comes from hemp, not marijuana. Hemp doesn’t contain high amounts of THC — a compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive effects.

In other words, your dog may enjoy the health benefits of CBD without running the risk of getting high. CBD should only help your dog feel calm and relaxed.

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2021)

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