Yoga is a practice that has become increasingly popular over the past few years, particularly among young people. Yoga has a long and rich history (5,000 years worth) that offers a host of potential benefits to its followers. Yoga can:

  • Boost one’s flexibility
  • Improve muscle strength as well as tone
  • Help to maintain a balanced metabolism
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Help weight loss and so much more

Just about anyone can benefit from practicing yoga consistently. Through the various poses as well as meditation, yoga can help you focus while helping to improve your breathing and relaxation. By practicing yoga consistently, you can tune out the noise from today’s busy contemporary world so that you can achieve balance and peace.

For a lot of people, especially parents and caregivers, the demands of day to day life can make it almost impossible to get out and head to a yoga class. As such, in most instances, they rely on online yoga videos and live streams for them to conveniently practice at home. But this requires space, which you can create easily in your home or office.

The good news is that nothing extraordinary is required. Basically, the only essentials that you need are sufficient space, a yoga mat, and preferably carpeted floors to prevent accidents and slippage. Even if you do not have extra space, it is still possible to create the yoga space of your dreams in a bedroom or even the corner of your living room.

If you are looking to create a yoga space for your home, here are 7 decorating ideas for your yoga space:

Decorating ideas for your Yoga space

Pay attention to your lighting

Lighting is a critical aspect of designing any space but it especially matters when creating a space to be dedicated to wellness activities such as yoga and meditation. When decorating your yoga space, you want to go for good lighting such as a Himalayan salt lamp.

Himalayan salt lamps are made using pink salt that has been mined directly from the base of the Himalayan ranges. The salt is then carved into lighting fixtures producing a variety of positive effects for your health. 

These salt lamps are so great that some yoga studios even offer salt yoga classes with pink salt placed all over the studio. Sconces are always a great idea but try your best to avoid recessed lights or any downward facing lighting as they may irritate the eyes when doing reclined poses.

Include storage

Your yoga space can benefit greatly from having adequate storage. Find an area to install some deep cabinetry where you can store all your items and props. When selecting your preferred storage system, keep in mind that yoga accessories like mats, block and cushions can be very bulky. As such, plan your storage accordingly to keep everything neatly in place.

Add some plants

Plants and green elements are therapeutic particularly if you live in an urban environment that is not generally surrounded by a whole lot of greenery. Not only do plants help to provide a calming and relaxing environment, but when you bring the outdoors indoors, it can also help to make your indoor air quality that much better.

When purchasing your plants, the most essential thing to bear in mind is the plant’s native habitat. If you are busy and cannot take care of the plants as well as you would like, consider low maintenance plants such as snake plants, Dracaenas plants, Jade plants and trailing plants.

Add soothing sounds

Although it is not a compulsory component, music can be very relaxing when doing yoga. If you live in a busy urban area, where the sounds of traffic, people, and sirens are constant, soothing sounds from a speaker can help to drown the unnecessary noise out.

When picking the type of music you want, go for meditative music that can be played quietly in the background allowing you to gain a peaceful state of mind, which is vital for yoga. Make sure the tracks that you select are long enough to last through your entire yoga sessions.

Think about adding an alter

Adding some plants can help you create a more natural environment but an alter filled with all the good stuff such as statues, healing gemstones, energy generators, prayer wheel or even a meditation gong. You can also add some scented candles or a diffuser where you can add essential oils that will awaken your spirit, soothe you throughout your routines as well as refresh your mind.

Choose calming colors

When coordinating your yoga space, consider picking a color theme that will help to foster a peaceful ambiance. Most people go for calming colors like blue but make sure that you have adequate lighting as using such a color with artificial lighting can end up making a space feel cold and uninviting. If your space does not allow a whole lot of natural light, a color like green works as it is often associated with restoration, growth, and opulence.

Add a personal touch

When decorating your yoga space, you want to add some personal touches. This can be in the form of any element including sound, smell or objects that make your mind and body relax. Think of items such as crystals, affirmation stones, beads or purposeful artwork such as this custom star map from Twinkle in Time.

Any items that you add to your yoga space should help you to create a serene and peaceful environment that can allow you to focus on your yoga or meditation. Remember, that you want to do everything in your power to avoid overcrowding the space so that you can keep your mind open during your sessions.

Final Thoughts

While you might have gone all out decorating you’re the rest of your house with all sorts of interesting knick-knacks and finds, a yoga area benefits from minimalism. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is simplicity. Since yoga is meditative, you want a yoga space that is simple as this is what will allow your mind to relax and let go of any pressures and worries that may be weighing you down.

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2020)

Mark Robards, Content Architect at iClean International, Netherlands. Mark has been a pet lover since childhood and now are best friends (and roommates) with a great dane, 2 labradors and a cocker spaniel. He has successfully incorporated his love for animals with work and is now the resident expert on all matters related to pet care at Iclean international.